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The Sound Agents exist to give seldom heard voices opportunities to share their stories through engagement with the arts. 

We are an Artist led - Community driven Arts, Cultural and Heritage organisation. We are practising artists using contemporary methods to design and deliver innovative projects using audio/visual methods to document a sense of time and place adding to the field of international research. We promote public understanding and access to communities by recording the personal and everyday experience of Liverpool life.

The purpose of our organisation is to work inclusively with people from under-represented communities to provide opportunities to share stories using Socially Engaged Arts practiceas a tool for communication.

Bringing together older people to pass their skills on to the younger generation by working creatively to share talents, experience and enthusiasm to bring people together to improve health and well-being and create opportunities for young people to get involved in Socially Engaged practice. We have worked with many Liverpool residents and Dockers and people from Arab, Chinese, Jewish and Irish communities.

The Liverpool Irish Festival commissioned us to celebrate the feast day of Saint Brigid and their Irish heritage, using the creative community funding awarded by the Irish Government's Emigrant Support Programme. 

Artist Duo John Campbell and Moira Kenny work in collaboration with communities and organisations to give people opportunities to share first hand accounts of life experience through Arts Engagement, Public Art and Events. 

We offer a range of services including training in Oral History and Arts for Health workshops. As practising artists we share our knowledge and skills  to enhance engagement and make a significant contribution to y

'Make it Better Films' is an initiative to make short public health videos of people working in the health sector to share good practice and empower people to take control of their lives using creativity to aid health and well-being. 

As a small organisation embedded in the community, we are developing and implementing cultural and cross-community trust building. We will work in collaboration with you to make a difference, promote independence,  confidence and redress disadvantages faced in society. 

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